4 Benefits of Taking Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist in Dallas

When caring for your child, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best healthcare and dental care you possibly can. That means taking them to a pediatric dentist in Dallas can be a better experience for them overall compared to a typical, general dentist. It’s even better when your dentist is board-certified!

Visiting a pediatric dentist isn’t just a better experience for your child either. It also makes dental visits for the whole family easy and efficient. Here are four benefits you can expect.

Board-Certified Pediatric Dentists are Best for Your Children

When people become dentists, it’s common for them to choose a specific field to specialize in, such as implant dentistry, pediatrics, orthodontics, etc. However, dentists can also go the extra mile and become board-certified in their unique field of choice. Becoming board-certified requires the dentist to:

  • Complete an additional two years of specialized training and hands-on residency
  • Prove their commitment to excellence, knowledge, and expertise
  • Exhibit a level of dedication not found in other dentists
  • Provide verification of credentials
  • Successful completion of a voluntary exam
  • Stay committed to continuing education

A More Fun Environment

Making regular dental visits a habit is very important, especially once children start living independently and need to schedule doctor visits on their own. The sooner they’re taught that dental practices can be fun and comfortable, the easier it will be to help them develop these habits. For example, pediatric dentists are more likely to accommodate children through toys, games, and other entertainment before their visit.

Truly Comprehensive Dental Care

When you visit your pediatric dentist in Dallas, you can rest knowing that every stage of your child’s oral development, from the stage of infancy to their teenage years, is being closely monitored and considered.

Pediatric dentists are also prepared to handle any type of young patient that comes to the office. This includes children who require special needs during their visit, which some dental practices might not be prepared for. If your child has a phobia or experiences anxiety during their regular dental visit, calming sedation dentistry is also available upon request. No longer should they have to sacrifice dental checkups and cleanings because of a physical or mental impairment.

Making Family Dental Visits Easy

Keep in mind pediatric dentists do not exclusively see children for dental care. In fact, they encourage entire families to get their care all in one location, especially if your family has a very busy routine. Family dental practices may also:

  • Allow scheduling both over the phone and online
  • Remain open five days a week
  • Have multiple locations
  • Offer a wide range of services so you don’t have to be referred to another doctor

When it comes to families, pediatric dentists are the most prepared, especially when they’re board-certified. Don’t settle for dental care that doesn’t meet your needs any longer; schedule an appointment with your pediatric dentist in North Dallas today!

About the Author

Dr. Merila Atarodi earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Pediatric Dentistry at Eastman Institute for Oral Health. Today, she’s a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and a board-certified Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. To learn more about her practice, contact her through her website.

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