Emergency Dentist in Dallas Gives Tips For 5 Common Emergencies!

If you’re a parent, you know that accidents are a part of childhood. Unfortunately, no child is immune from bumps, falls, and scrapes, or the tears that go with them! But even if you know a fair amount of first aid to use for many of these accidents, you might be less confident when it (more…)

Make the Right Choice for Your Special Needs Dentistry in Dallas

One of the great concepts of the 19th century was the general store, where a person could walk in and find products to meet all of his or her basic needs. That is where our modern concept of the one-stop-shop model comes from. Still though, there have always been unique stores to meet the special (more…)

What Does It Mean to Be a Children’s Dentist in Dallas?

Many dentists welcome entire families into their office. It is convenient to be able to take everyone in your household to the same place when the time for biannual exams and cleanings comes around. Plus, you might really like the staff and dentist at the practice where you’ve been going for years. However, you might (more…)

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