Is Your Child’s Tooth Loose? Your Pediatric Dentist in Dallas Can Help

When your child tells you that their tooth feels loose, it’s important that you reassure them that this is a normal part of growing up. You’ll get the opportunity to explain that their permanent teeth will come in as well as introduce the tooth fairy and what her purpose is! Until then, it’s important that you don’t force a tooth to come out simply because it’s loose. According to your pediatric dentist in Dallas, these are the steps to take when pulling a tooth safely and painlessly.

Determine if the Tooth is Ready First

If you go to wiggle the tooth and it still feels firmly attached to the roots, don’t forcefully remove it. There’s a good chance that the tooth isn’t ready yet if it still has significant resistance. Removing a tooth early can cause unnecessary pain, excessive bleeding, damage to the tissues, and even an infection.

Instead, encourage your child to brush multiple times a day or eat healthy crunchy foods like apples or pears. With enough regular use, the tooth is more likely to fall out on its own painlessly. This should also help put your child at ease since many kids are afraid of the pain associated with pulling teeth.

However, if the tooth is ready to come out, but just needs a little extra push to make it happen, consider these steps.

How to Safely Pull a Tooth

Start by washing your hands. Then, grab onto the tooth with a clean tissue, wiggling it carefully back and forth. If the tooth is ready for removal, a little twist should be enough to remove it. Any extra effort indicates the tooth is not ready quite yet.

Once you remove the tooth, have a clean gauze pad ready to soak any minor bleeding that appears. This bleeding should stop after a few minutes, so have your child hold the gauze in place until then. Once it stops, check the area for any pieces of remaining tooth.

If any tooth fragments remain and you can’t remove them, visit your pediatric dentist in Dallas for help. However, it’s more likely that you’ll have a clean removal and visibility of their permanent tooth. Make sure your child sees it in the mirror as well.

Introduce the Tooth Fairy!

Now that your child has a baby tooth in hand, you can start telling them about the tooth fairy. Explain to them that the tooth fairy wants to exchange their tooth for a reward. This will give them incentive to pay attention to future loose teeth and tell you about other baby teeth that need removal. Tell them the tooth fairy cares about their oral health and hopes that they practice oral care every day by brushing and flossing.

By keeping these steps in mind, you’ll never tie string to your child’s baby teeth again. Schedule an appointment with your pediatric dentist in North Dallas today!

About the Author
Dr. Merila Atarodi earned her dental degree from the Pediatric Dentistry at Eastman Institute at the University of Rochester, NY. Today, she’s a board-certified pediatric dentist and member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. To learn more about her practice and preventive treatments, contact her at either of her Dallas practices through her website.

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