Make the Right Choice for Your Special Needs Dentistry in Dallas

One of the great concepts of the 19th century was the general store, where a person could walk in and find products to meet all of his or her basic needs. That is where our modern concept of the one-stop-shop model comes from. Still though, there have always been unique stores to meet the special needs and desires of others, because not everyone is the same. This analogy applies well to the field of dentistry. There are several capable and trained professionals who can deliver general oral care, but when it comes to special populations with specific needs, the dentist should be trained accordingly. As you continue reading, you’ll learn why it’s important to make the right choice for your special needs dentistry in Dallas.

What’s Different About a Special Needs Dental Visit

It’s important to find the right professional who can provide your special needs dentistry in Dallas because it requires a unique skill set. For example, a visit for a special needs patient will typically be longer than the standard visit because there are other factors that have to be accounted for. Here are some of them:

  • Behavior Management – A special needs patient may display a high level of anxiety about a dental visit, so the dentist and staff need to be trained in safe and effective ways of calming the patient and restoring a sense of comfort.
  • Medical History – It is important for the special needs patient’s safety that the dentist be even more tedious when considering the former’s medical history, as there may be several medications and treatment protocols in place that must be accounted for before performing certain procedures.
  • Patient Communication – There may also be a communication barrier that could make the dental visit a little more challenging. The dentist and staff will need to have the skills to work through such obstacles.

What Type of Dentist Can Work with a Special Needs Population?

When looking for a provider of special needs dentistry in North Dallas, be sure that she is a board-certified pediatric dentist with experience in working with special populations. This dentist will also have the equipment necessary to provide the type of care needed in a safe and effective manner. Furthermore, the staff will be trained to properly accommodate the unique needs of the patient, and the environment will be one geared towards calmness and happiness.

You now can rest assured in knowing that you have a way of gauging what to expect when looking for the right care provider. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to your children’s dentist of North Dallas, who says that oral health and total wellness is a right and privilege that everyone deserves to have.

About the Author

Dr. Merila Atarodi made her initial entry into the world of dentistry after earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. She would later go on to complete a two-year residency at Pediatric Dentistry at Eastman Institute for Oral Health, University of Rochester, NY. She is now a board-certified pediatric dentist and member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Atarodi practices at Children’s Dental and Orthodontics and can be reached for more information through her website.

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