Dentistry For Infants

At Children’s Dental & Orthodontics in north Dallas, TX, our expert pediatric dentists believe that your child deserves healthy teeth for a lifetime! As the leading pediatric dental practice in the northern Dallas area, we offer comprehensive dental care to all infants, providing a relaxing and welcoming office environment. Our mission is to offer your baby state-of-the-art treatment in an infant-friendly atmosphere, ensuring your child’s trip to see their dentist is something they look forward to!

Our pediatric dentists at Children’s Dental strongly recommend that parents bring their infants into our office by six months of age, which is around the time the first “baby” tooth emerges from the gums. For your child’s first visit, their newly appointed pediatric dentist will carefully examine the development of their mouth, as dental problems often start early on in infancy. The sooner your child visits us, the better!

Our Pediatric Dental Health Goals

As our brand-new pediatric patient, our main goal is to help your child establish a second home here at our office, creating an environment in which they can feel at ease! Far too many pediatric patients grow up mistakenly fearing the dentist, resulting in missed appointments and serious oral health problems down the road. Our doctors and staff hope to prevent any forms of fear by building a trusting and safe relationship with your infant right away.

Preparing For Your Infant’s First Pediatric Dental Exam

Before your child’s first visit at Children’s Dental & Orthodontics, plan a course of action to manage your child’s initial reaction. Talk to them about what to expect as best as you can, building excitement and positivity about their upcoming visit. In addition, it helps to bring your child’s medical records, making it easier to complete medical history forms before their appointment.

What To Expect During Your Baby’s First Visit

During your child’s first visit to their pediatric dentist in north Dallas, TX, our team will focus on helping your infant feel right at home! We’ll introduce them to the sights and sounds of our office, as well as all the friendly faces of our pediatric dentists they’ll see on a regular basis. After introductions are completed, your child’s new pediatric dentist will examine their mouth and teeth for any premature decay or developmental issues, starting with an oral risk assessment:

Infant Oral Risk Assessment

At Children’s Dental & Orthodontics, we want to protect your infant from as many future dental problems as we possibly can, which is why we’ll assess their personal risk for developing tooth decay right away. Our pediatric dentists provide parents with guidance on how to care for their infant’s developing oral health, giving detailed instructions on teething, fluoride exposure, non-nutritive habits, and dental practices that can be put into place at home:

  • Teething

    It’s not hard to tell when your baby starts teething! Your infant is likely to sleep less and become more irritable as their primary teeth start pressing up through their gum line. Our experienced pediatric dentists can offer you tips on how to soothe your infant, making the process more comfortable for your entire family.

  • Fluoride Treatments

    Fluoride is a very valuable mineral that can be found in most community water supplies, as well as various oral health products. Safe exposure to fluoride has been proven to have positive effects on growing smiles, helping teeth become stronger and less prone to decay. If your infant needs an extra supplement of fluoride to start receiving these benefits, we can provide this during their first visit to our north Dallas office!

  • Non-Nutritive Habits

    Sucking fingers and thumbs is a natural reflex for infants, providing them with a level of safety and comfort. Aside from aiding in your child’s comfortability, thumb-sucking can actually cause damage to the position of their jaw if it continues into early childhood. Our pediatric dentists here at Children’s Dental & Orthodontics will help answer any questions you have about extended thumb-sucking, as well as offer tips for motivating your infant to grow out of it.

  • Frenuloplastia & Frenectomies

    During infancy, your child may end up with one or more bands of oral tissue that connects to the lips, cheeks, or floor of their mouth. These attachments – also known as Frenum – can interfere with their dental health, cause discomfort, as well cause aesthetic problems. Our north Dallas pediatric dentists can perform oral surgery in as little as 30 minutes to correct this issue!

  • At-Home Dental Care For Infants

    Our pediatric dentists recommend that you clean your infant’s mouth and gums with a soft washcloth after every feeding. Then, when teeth start to make their first appearance, use a specifically designed toothbrush for infants to gently clean them twice each day. Also, be sure not to let your infant fall asleep with a bottle, as this can leave their developing smile exposed to bacterial acids for hours at a time. For more tips and tricks on at-home infant dental care, stop by our north Dallas office today!

Contact Your North Dallas, TX Pediatric Dentist Today!

At six months old, your infant’s teeth have most likely started to show, meaning it’s time for their first pediatric dental exam here at Children’s Dental & Orthodontics! Getting your child into our office as soon as possible is critical to ensure their teeth are developing properly, and that no premature decay is taking place. Our experienced pediatric dentists will help walk you through elements of teething, give you tips on non-nutritive habits, and also teach you ways to keep your child’s mouth clean both before and after their teeth show!

Our main goal at Children’s Dental & Orthodontics is to make your infant as comfortable as possible, helping them understand that a trip to their pediatric dentist is a positive aspect to staying healthy. With a kid-friendly atmosphere, our dentists will help your child feel right at home everytime they visit us! Don’t hesitate to contact us today with any of your questions or concerns about your child’s first visit to their new pediatric dentist. On behalf of our entire staff, we can’t wait to make your son or daughter a new member of our north Dallas family!