Dentistry For Teens

Teenagers have a lot on their plates in everyday life – there’s grades, friends, social events, and much more to worry about. Your child may start to seem like they’re all grown up at this time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still have a place here at Children’s Dental & Orthodontics. Our doctors are happy to work with older children up to age 18 in order to make sure they still understand the importance of routine dental care and provide any services they may need to maintain their confident smile. Contact us today here in the Dallas area to schedule an appointment!

Primary Dental Health Goals

When it comes to teenage patients who have all of their adult teeth, orthodontic concerns will take center stage. Dr. Ewing will want to correct any serious misalignments, gaps, or bite problems in order to improve both their oral health and their appearance for a better overall quality of life. Additionally, wisdom teeth become a concern at this age too, and we will assess their health and follow their development so that we’re aware of any problems right away. We want your son or daughter to enter adulthood with a smile they can count on!

Important At-Home Dental Care

Teenagers may start to slack off on daily oral hygiene, but parents shouldn’t allow this. We strongly suggest that you check in with them about brushing twice a day, flossing once, and even using mouthwash on a regular basis in order to support their smile through these important years. Electric toothbrushes may make this process easier; feel free to ask us for recommendations if you need them.

What to Expect at Each Dental Visit

When children reach the teenage years, their dental visits will start to become more similar to an adult checkup. We will take X-rays at the appropriate intervals, provide professional cleanings, review their oral hygiene routine at home, and recommend age-appropriate treatment when needed to correct dental problems. We will discuss the possibility of orthodontic treatment with parents too.

In-Practice Pediatric Dentistry for Teens

Our available menu of services features several quality options for teenage patients, and we’re here to help whenever they’re in need of preventive care, restorative solutions, emergency attention, and more. Keep reading to learn more about these valuable treatment options and what they can do for your child:

  • Dental Checkups & Cleanings

    Checkups and cleanings should be scheduled every six months on average. During these important visits, we will want to inspect every aspect of your teenager’s oral health, including each tooth surface, the gum tissue, their overall bite, their jaw, any existing restorations that are in place, and more. Once we have all the information we need, we can sit down with you (the parent) in order to plan out any necessary treatment.

    Professional cleanings are also essential because they get rid of accumulations of dental plaque, which is a bacteria-filled substance that can cause cavities. By cleaning it away, we’re able to protect smiles from tooth decay and help them feel refreshed as well!

  • Dental Sealants

    Did you know that four out of five cavities in children occur on the chewing surfaces of their back teeth? Even as a teenager, your son or daughter may struggle to keep these hard-to-reach areas clean. Thankfully, dental sealants can help. Our team will paint on this tough, plastic-based substance and harden it over the tooth so that it can work as a barrier, keeping out food particles and bacteria. Sealants are safe, comfortable, and can last for several years with proper maintenance.

  • Fluoride Treatments

    Fluoride is a very valuable mineral that can be found in most community water supplies, as well as various oral health products. This is because safe exposure to fluoride has been proven through research to have positive effects on growing smiles, helping teeth become stronger and less prone to decay. If your teenager needs an extra supplement of fluoride to reap these benefits, we can provide this during regular appointments.

  • Tooth-colored Fillings

    Our team works hard to help children of all ages prevent cavities, but they can pop up here and there despite our best efforts, unfortunately. When they do, we’ll correct the damage done to the tooth with a tooth-colored filling. These fillings blend right in with the smile, which means your son or daughter won’t even be able to tell the difference between them and their natural tooth enamel. They’re also comfortable and safe for smiles in need.

  • Safe Digital X-rays

    There’s a lot that can happen underneath the surface of a smile, and X-rays are the best way for our doctors to see more than the naked eye can show us. We use state-of-the-art digital technology in order to capture highly detailed images of your teenager’s developing teeth and jaw. Unlike traditional film, digital X-rays are very fast and very safe. In fact, they reduce radiation exposure by up to 80%!

  • Root Canals/pulp Therapy

    Every tooth has multiple layers with a “pulp” at the center. This pulp contains nerves, tissues, and blood vessels that work hard to channel nutrients and oxygen into the tooth. If your teenager has suffered a traumatic dental injury or advanced tooth decay, harmful bacteria can reach this area and cause serious infection. Instead of removing the tooth, our doctors will do their best to save it with either a root canal procedure or pulp therapy.

    Root canals involve our team removing the inner pulp and replacing it with a safe, biocompatible alternative. Alternatively, if we want to preserve remaining healthy pulp, pulp therapy is an effective substitute. After removing the damaged portions, the tooth will be fitted with a dental crown in order to strengthen the remaining structure.

  • Frenuloplasties & Frenectomies

    From infancy, children may end up with one or more bands of oral tissue that connect to the lips, cheeks, or floor of their mouth. These attachments (also known as “frenum”) can interfere with their dental health and cause discomfort and aesthetic problems as well. They can even cause the development of sleep apnea! Thankfully, our dentists are capable of performing oral surgery at any time in your child’s life in order to correct this issue. A frenectomy is a minor procedure where we’ll either loosen or remove the frenum; this typically only takes half an hour at most. If the tissue is too thick, though, a frenuloplasty can be performed instead by surgically repositioning the tissue.

  • Emergency Kid’s Dentistry

    Teenagers are always on the go and often involved in lots of activities. As a result, serious dental injuries can happen in the blink of an eye when their parents are least expecting it. At Children’s Dental & Orthodontics, we ask you to contact our Dallas practice as soon as possible when these scary events occur. We can schedule an emergency appointment with your son or daughter as soon as possible to relieve any pain they’re experiencing, as well as provide first-aid tips over the phone.

  • Dental Crowns

    When a tooth becomes injured, decayed, or weakened, a custom-made dental crown can work wonders in helping it stay strong and functional. This process shouldn’t take more than two appointments of your teenager’s time. First, we’ll adjust the hurting tooth and take detailed impressions of it before sending off this important info to a trusted dental laboratory. Once we’ve received the finished restoration from them, our dentists will make any last-minute adjustments before cementing it in place over the tooth.

  • Tooth Extractions

    Removing a natural tooth from the mouth is never our doctors’ first choice when treating young patients. However, situations can arise where it becomes a necessity in order to preserve their ongoing oral health and wellbeing, such as:

    • Advanced tooth decay that cannot be treated with restorative care
    • A traumatic dental injury
    • When room in the mouth needs to be made for impending orthodontic treatment
    • When wisdom teeth threaten oral health and overall wellbeing

    Parents can rest assured that we’ll handle this process as comfortably as possible, using sedation dentistry when necessary to ensure our patients’ safety.

  • Athletic Mouthguards

    Is your teenager a seasoned athlete? If so, it’s important to remember that their smile may be at risk due to physical contact with other players, hard surfaces, or objects like balls. Please talk to our dentists about having an athletic mouthguard created that’s well-suited to their unique smile. Our professional appliances are heads and shoulders above the store-bought ones, providing added comfort, flexibility, and sturdiness.