Your Pediatric Dentist in Dallas is Board-Certified! Here’s Why

Your Pediatric Dentist in Dallas is Board-Certified! Here’s Why

Does your previous dentist say he can see everyone, but in reality, his dental care just doesn’t quite translate well to children? Is he less patient with your young ones or not quite as knowledgeable as you hoped? Unfortunately, not all dentists can meet the demands certain patients have, and children are no exception. Of course, if you see a pediatric dentist in Dallas that’s board-certified (only about 38% are board-certified), there’s more to get excited about.  To learn how your dentist takes the extra initiative to provide quality care, keep reading.

What Does Board-Certified Mean?

Board-certification simply means your dentist took the extra steps to prove to a board of experts they have mastered the speciality and are committed to continual learning in their unique field of study. On top of the additional two years of schooling required in dental school, a board certified pediatric dentists need to:

  • Provide verification of credentials
  • Successfully complete rigorous written and oral examinations
  • Have a high level of dedication in their field
  • Stay committed to continuing their education (board-certifications require annual renewals and continuing education)

How Does This Help My Child?

A board-certified pediatric dentist is specially trained to treat younger patients including behavior management in order to provide a gentler patient experience overall.   There is a high-correlation between positive dental experiences during the growing up years and long-term oral health in adults. We want your little kids to have beautiful healthy smiles throughout their lives.

Receiving care from a specially trained pediatric dentist they know they can trust, a child’s relationship with the dentist should be favorable, making future visits (either with parents or on their own) more enjoyable and patients more compliant with proactive oral health care.  

What Else Can I Expect from Board-Certified Dentists?

Our board certified dentists are very patient and caregiver-oriented: This means they’re more likely to be:

  • Specially trained in behavior management
  • Offer a kid-friendly environment
  • Open during more hours
  • Having multiple locations
  • Offering multiple services (sedation, general anesthesia, orthodontia)

When picking a children’s dentist in North Richardson, Frisco, and North Dallas, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than board-certified. This way, you know your family is getting the most updated and effective dental care possible. Schedule an appointment to experience the difference today!


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