A Sedation Dentist Can Help Ease Children’s Dental Fear

The dentist doesn’t have to be a thing to fear — but for many children, opening wide for a checkup and cleaning is pretty scary stuff. If your little one quakes at the thought of having their teeth looked at or (gasp) worked on by a stranger, there is help available from a sedation dentist (more…)

Pediatric Dentist in Dallas Says All Teeth Are NOT Created Equal

If you’re like many parents, seeing your child smile is the highlight of your day. But what you can’t tell just by looking is that those little pearly whites are significantly more vulnerable to cavities than your own. Given kids’ penchant for all things sweet and their still-developing oral hygiene habits, that can spell trouble. (more…)

4 Benefits of Taking Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist in Dallas

When caring for your child, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best healthcare and dental care you possibly can. That means taking them to a pediatric dentist in Dallas can be a better experience for them overall compared to a typical, general dentist. It’s even better when your dentist is board-certified! Visiting a (more…)

Is Your Child’s Tooth Loose? Your Pediatric Dentist in Dallas Can Help

When your child tells you that their tooth feels loose, it’s important that you reassure them that this is a normal part of growing up. You’ll get the opportunity to explain that their permanent teeth will come in as well as introduce the tooth fairy and what her purpose is! Until then, it’s important that (more…)

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